sCool is a multi-platform educational video game.

Mobile Game

  • Procedural map, content and sound generation
  • Dynamic content (enemies and collectables) positioning
  • Dynamic game balancing based on players progress (map size, health points, damage…)
    • Seed synchronization and map generation
    • Initial positions for the content
    • Player data synchronization
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Robot Programming

  • Python execution on mobile
  • Accessing C# instances and functions from Python e.g. “robot.Up()”
  • Debugging
  • Custom virtual keyboard
  • Custom Tabs system
  • Custom drag-and-drop functionality
  • Code reordering
  • Code indentation

Web Platform

Web application consists of the following components:
  • Creating a content for adaptive learning
  • Adaptive learning mechanism
  • Students’ analytics for tracking students’ progress and analyzing which concepts they had difficulties to grasp
  • Web APIs for providing learning content and receiving analytics data from mobile game

About us

The team consists of two enthusiastic Master's students, Aleksandar and Milos Kojic.